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தமிழ் தேனீக்கள் 2021 - Update

Dear Parents,

I am sure that you are all waiting for more details about this week's Tamil theni competition. We have been working hard to put together this project.

1. The 1st round of this competition will be this weekend, we will send you the timings soon.

2. Keerthi wrote a program to run Level 1 & Level 2, we are recording the demos tomorrow to share them with you.

3. Please ask your level 3 kids to be ready with 15 to 20 plain white papers and a marker before the competition to write the sentences . Sentences should be big and clear to read on via zoom.

4. Level 4 is going to be a team competition. Team members can decide who is going to give clues & who is going to guess the word. Inform us who are going to give clues .

5. Use the word bank that we shared a few weeks ago for the competition.

Click here for Level 1 Word List

Click here for Level 2,3,4 Word List

Still have questions? Contact us at

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